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6.5 Inch Trolley Speaker

6.5 Inch trolley speaker cabinets are black and blue. Although the appearance is not very fashionable, the speakers use a solid wooden box, which can effectively suppress the resonance inside the box and bring pure and natural sound. The volume adjustment and low-frequency gain knobs are all designed on the side of the cabinet, and the user can adjust according to their own listening preferences to enrich the sense of hearing.
Its biggest feature is its 6.5-inch woofer, which provides users with a strong low-frequency performance. While the mid-high frequency does not become the short board of the speaker, the 3-inch full-band unit brings clear and delicate mid-high frequency. It is recommended to purchase and use the installed users who have the requirements for low frequency.
In terms of interface, the two sets of RCA interfaces are responsible for audio input and satellite box output respectively, and the user only needs to connect according to the interface color. In terms of the knob, the three knobs correspond to volume adjustment, treble adjustment and bass adjustment, respectively, and the knob adjusts the feel. In addition, a power switch is designed next to the knob. The satellite box has a uniform style and is also a black casing with a built-in 3-inch mid-high pitch unit. The satellite box is medium in size and easy to carry.
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