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10 Inch Trolley Speaker

10 Inch Trolley Speaker is a portable speaker with wireless Bluetooth technology for linking. Supports direct connection via Bluetooth via devices such as mobile phones, iPads, and computers. Open the phone in any environment and you can easily connect, it is very convenient to listen to how to listen. At the same time, in terms of battery life, Groove has built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which can be used directly without external power supply. The battery life can reach 8 hours, even if you are traveling or picnicking, you can easily enjoy the music.
It exudes a strong musical texture. The front of the fuselage uses a 3-inch full-range long-stroke unit with a passive woofer on each side of the fuselage. In terms of appearance, it has a simple and retro style, and exquisite craftsmanship highlights the individuality. 10 Inch trolley speaker is well protected in terms of sound quality, because the built-in mid-high sound unit design is more delicate and clear in terms of sound, and also supports a variety of audio source playback, convenient and fast. Our Bluetooth speaker transmission has a wide range of stability, low latency and low power consumption. It is dust-proof, waterproof, and drop-proof, so these speakers can work in harsh environments.
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