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Trolley Speaker

The current "portable" audio products mainly include portable signal sources (CD/MP3) and portable speakers. Many portable speakers also have USB\SD playback function, which will "portable" to the end. With the development of technology, the functionality of "portable" audio products has gradually increased, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the sound quality is limited by the volume, but the sound quality of portable speakers is better than ever.
Portable speakers are very popular, most of which use SD/U disk, Line in three audio input methods, and many will be equipped with FM radio, remote control and other functions. For the user's mobile performance requirements, most of them choose a passive design, which is equipped with a lithium battery or a replaceable battery. With the development of integrated chips and speaker units, portable speakers are getting smaller and smaller, and the battery life is increasing. China's small speakers generally use BL-5C as a power supply solution, and extended the development of FM one-click search. Taiwan, lyrics synchronized display, touch screen, voice songs and other rich features. In terms of the design of the cabinet, most of the small speakers are arranged in a flat strip shape for ergonomics. From the perspective of cost and ease of processing, ABS engineering plastic casings are often used, and a few high-end products use metal casings.
Our portable speakers have good dustproof performance, good sound quality, complete functions and long service life. It is easy to disassemble and has a compact structure and is easy to carry. It is easy to use and easy to operate.
  • Subwoofer Music System
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    Subwoofer Music System

    The Subwoofer Music System has 3.5mm built-in MP3 player supports USB and SD memory cards. The portable speaker 90w with convenient telescoping handle and trolley wheels. The portable speaker amp enjoy your favorite music in your phone or old music in the CD player. Plug in...Read More
  • Super Bass Trolley Speaker
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    Super Bass Trolley Speaker

    Super Bass Trolley Speaker has a built in rechargeable battery. It can be used in the beach, party or even just outside with friends. This USB Bluetooth speaker comes with a charger but you can always disconnect and go.Read More
  • Woofer Trolley Speaker
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    Woofer Trolley Speaker

    The Woofer Trolley Speaker box is designed to be high-level black color. The 12 inch speaker box can be transported by carry straps with an overlapping grip or with a retractable handle and built-in wheels. The Bluetooth speaker box is with wireless MIC.Read More
  • Trolley Speaker with Light
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    Trolley Speaker with Light

    This is a manual portable mini speaker with flashing DJ lights. The Trolley Speaker with Light has a built-in rechargeable battery, and FM radio. The portable speaker is an awesome multimedia entertainment system. It combines audio, video and high power output to get the...Read More
  • Trolley Speaker for Karaoke
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    Trolley Speaker for Karaoke

    Trolley Speaker for Karaoke exudes a strong musical texture. In terms of appearance, simple and retro style, superb craftsmanship highlights individuality. The 10-inch trolley speaker is well protected in terms of sound quality, because the built-in mid-high speaker design is...Read More
  • DJ Music Trolley Speaker
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    DJ Music Trolley Speaker

    DJ Music Trolley Speaker has a built-in stereo Bluetooth speaker rechargeable battery. This product is equipped with handles and wheels for easy carrying. For business or leisure, the stereo sales sound system was built for sensational performance. Trolley speakers have...Read More
  • Trolley Woofer Speaker for Party
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    Trolley Woofer Speaker for Party

    The Trolley Woofer Speaker for Party has a mini design and you can control it all - your bass and treble settings, the input, FM frequency - using the included wireless remote. The karaoke Trolley Speaker digital VFD display is gorgeous and displays relevant information. The...Read More
  • Subwoofer Trolley Speaker
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    Subwoofer Trolley Speaker

    Subwoofer Trolley Speaker has a built-in wireless Bluetooth module that makes it easy to connect your phone to Bluetooth devices on the market. It supports usb playback, recording and looping. It also features an FM radio that collects favorite channels. The special acoustic...Read More
  • Wireless Trolley Speaker
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    Wireless Trolley Speaker

    The Wireless Trolley Speaker has the function of music playing. Plug microphone enables to enlarge the voice received from the mic and lower the music volume. The portable speaker 12v easy to move or handle, equipped with wireless and remote control for great convenience. The...Read More
  • USB Trolley Speaker
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    USB Trolley Speaker

    The USB Trolley Speaker supports Bluetooth connection, AUX/Micro SD/USB input,FM Radio. The mini portable speaker enjoy your favorite music in your phone or old music in the CD player. Plug in guitar or microphone to get your friends involved. The portable 3d speaker colorful...Read More
  • 6.5 Inch Wirless Trolley Speaker
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    6.5 Inch Wirless Trolley Speaker

    The 6.5 Inch Wirless Trolley Speaker has built-in MP3 player supports USB and SD memory cards. The portable amplifier trolley speaker convenient telescoping handle and trolley wheels. The trolley speaker can with wireless mic including master volume, treble, bass, echo, MIC...Read More
  • Trolley Speaker with Bluetooth
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    Trolley Speaker with Bluetooth

    This JERRY Trolley Speaker with Bluetooth will surly bring in enough sound make your next event a great success. The portable handy speaker Bluetooth wireless connection USB/SD, compatible FM radio mic input jack remote control, and wireless microphone has the function of...Read More
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