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8 Inch Speaker Home Theater 5.1

In the home theater test, the 8-inch speaker home theater 5.1 did not find a gap between the sound of the low-light speaker and the satellite speaker. Its center channel works well. Although it is small, it is very confident, because when I use it to play a movie, it is very clear when it says "say". Its divergence performance is also excellent - undoubtedly because of the high approximation of the two woofer speakers, and the placement of the HF speakers is higher.
The 8-inch speaker home theater 5.1 features wide frequency response, deep dive, and strong sense of strength. Its ultra-long stroke linear displacement design, high-performance ferrite magnetic circuit structure, eddy current-free voice coil bobbin and high temperature oxygen-free copper wire voice coil are guaranteed by high power and low distortion performance.
Both the surround speaker and the center box use a three-inch aluminum-magnesium alloy full-band unit, and the unit uses an aluminum-magnesium alloy integrated metal diaphragm with a special damping coating. The center speaker uses two M3N units and one TN25 dome tweeter to form a dumbbell structure. Its overall power is 185W, the overall effect is quite good during playback, and it is also equipped with a remote control for convenient operation.
These products look like grades, and the oversized 8-inch woofer is very practical for the home. The built-in unit speaker can meet the user's usual movie use, and the effect is very good, it is worth buying.
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