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6.5 Inch Speaker Home Theater 5.1

6.5-inch speaker home theater 5.1 is suitable for living in the living room or special home to do audio and video rooms, when equipped with a better projection.
The speaker must have sufficient cell size and cabinet volume as well as power carrying. As far as the traditional speaker is concerned, the effect is very much related to the size of the speaker unit and the volume of the cabinet. As the main speaker of a home theater system, it bears the sound restoration of most front sound fields and background music. The size of the "middle bass unit" can be no less than double 5 inches or 6 inches, and the box material should be wood.
The center speaker mainly bears the vocal dialogue and part of the front sound field signal. The size of the "mid woofer unit" can't be lower than the double 5 inches, otherwise it will not be able to enjoy the full and realistic vocal dialogue throughout the whole movie.
The surround speaker is mainly responsible for the signal restoration of the rear sound field. The size of the "mid-woofer unit" cannot be lower than that of a single 5-inch, and the power cannot be lower than 80w. Otherwise, the front and rear sound fields are disconnected, incoherent, and the rear large dynamic signal is restored.
The 6.5-inch speaker home theater 5.1+ karaoke system is quite practical. It combines listening to songs, watching movies, singing K, and multiple entertainments, so that you can stay at home without leaving your home.
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