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5.1 Home Theatre System

Ordinary civilian home theater audio equipment should at least meet the following requirements
1. Complete multi-channel speaker system configuration
A standard home theater system should have a 5.1 speaker configuration, namely two main speakers, one center speaker, two surround speakers, and a subwoofer. The 5.1 channel sound card actually has six channels of output, but why is it called 5.1 channel instead of 6 channel? This is because one of the six channels is a subwoofer channel and does not contain a full range, so add a 1 after a decimal point to indicate the subwoofer channel. Considering that the ordinary living room can not be placed on the side surround, and within a certain audition area, the difference between 7.1 channel and 5.1 channel is not obvious, so the standard 5.1 channel configuration is enough to meet your configuration requirements.
2. Indispensable overweight subwoofer
The subwoofer problem has already been mentioned above. The reason for the separate emphasis is due to the importance of the subwoofer in the entire home theater system. Second, most people have misunderstandings about the subwoofer. The signal restored by the subwoofer is not a full-band signal, it is different from other channels, but it is still called "point 1", which is enough to see its importance. And often many people think that having a subwoofer at home can disturb the people, or that the main speaker's low frequency is already good, or that it does not match the subwoofer in order to reduce the budget. In fact, this is wrong. First of all, the volume of the subwoofer can be adjusted. It is not necessary to open the earth-shattering. It is appropriate.
Secondly, the overweight low frequency is a completely independent channel. If the subwoofer is not configured, there will be two situations. First, the signal of the subwoofer can not be heard completely, so that the sound source signal restored by the sound system is incomplete. In another case, the subwoofer signal can be distributed to the main speaker through the setting of the power amplifier, but this is even more inappropriate. Because the main speaker itself has its own signal to be restored, the signal imposed on the subwoofer will not only increase its burden, but also cause the signal that should be restored to be restored. Moreover, the unit size of the main speaker can not restore the sound effect of the subwoofer signal. One result of both of these practices is that the standard 5.1 channel source signal cannot be restored, affecting the sound.
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