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8 Inch Speaker Home Theater 3.1

Our 8 Inch Speaker Home Theater 3.1 is popular with people for its rich production line and reasonable price. It uses real high-tech technology. Every speaker has very good sound quality and has a good reputation in the industry.
The speakers are roughly the same in appearance, the difference is that each unit gives 8 inches of concentric drive unit treatment, so the visual effect is also different. With its 50Hz to 20kHz ( /-3dB) frequency response, 90dB sensitivity, 220W maximum power output and easy to control 8 ohm impedance, all the speakers in the system will have very good performance.
The built-in amplifier features overload protection, an automatic sleep setting and all high and low level inputs. Regardless of the sound quality, the subwoofer used in the system has a good geometric representation, which optimizes the sound quality when placed in the corner. Regardless of size, design and overall coordination, this home theater can definitely match other components to enhance the room. All speakers range in weight from 44 pounds to 27 pounds and never let the user bend over or take up a lot of space. The downtime required for the entire speaker is not very long, the bass is great, compact and harmonious, and the treble is smooth and long. We used higher settings in the test, even if the user's room is not very large, the system's sound quality can still be very satisfactory.
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