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6.5 Inch Speaker Home Theater 3.1

A complete home theater system consists of four main components: the overall building of the room, the video system, the audio system, and the signal source and control system. Every part is a very important part. To maximize the effects of home theater, you can't ignore every part of it. The overall strength of the room is directly affected by the overall sound and picture, and the quality of the video system can affect the perception. The pros and cons of the audio system affect the sense of hearing. The source part is the most critical part of the effect of sound and picture. The control system is a comprehensive embodiment of humanization, simplicity, speed and convenient operation. The standards in the home theater are to standardize the true maturity of the home theater system, which is the guarantee of high-quality audio and video life.
The following are the products included in the home theater system:
1) Home Theater Accessories
2 A/V cable (A/V Cables)
3) A/V Connector (A/V Components)
4) A/V Distribution - Wired
5) A/V Distribution - Wireless
6) Projection screens and Display Screens
7) HDTV and HD Radio (198)
8) Modules (Modulators)
9) Personal convenience A/V equipment (Personal A/V)
10) Speakers
11) Volume Controls & Speaker Switching
12) Cable TV System CATV
13) Satellite TV reception Satellite TV Receiver
14) Family Background Music (Whole House Audio / Multi-Zone)
The family background music of the 12th class is the same as the background music of the 4th category of the family. Due to the current demand for family background music in the domestic market, this subcategory is particularly distinguished from home theaters.
In the smart home system, the home theater system is an optional system, which is usually set in the scene setting to realize intelligent lighting system, home background music system, electrical control system, access control electric lock and so on.
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