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3.1 Home Theatre System

The home theater system is a system for enjoying movies and enjoying music close to the cinema effect built in the home environment. The home theater system allows home users to enjoy movies that surround the cinema at home, listen to music from professional-grade audio, and support karaoke entertainment.
In general, a home theater requires three parts: a signal source, a power amplifier, and a terminal. The signal source includes VCD, DVD, Blu-ray disc player, personal computer, CD, etc. The terminal includes display device (flat panel TV and projector) and speaker. The speaker itself requires good playback quality; the amplifier is very important for home theater, generally used The AV power amplifier, the AV power amplifier is mainly composed of a signal source selector, a signal processing preamplifier and a post-stage power amplifier, and can switch the signal source, and adjust the tone volume for signal processing such as Dolby decoding, virtual surround, DSP, etc.; Finally, multiple speakers are driven by the power amplifier.
In the home theater system, the display device can select a flat-panel TV and a projector. For a villa and a room with an audio-visual environment, the projector is preferred as a display device.
Home theater system configuration includes digital AV amplifier, Blu-ray DVD, floor-standing main speaker, center speaker, rear surround speaker, subwoofer built into 5.1-channel home theater system, due to open space, generally not suitable for side surround speakers.
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